Falcons 2024 Mock Draft: Kirk Cousins doesn't stop Atlanta from selecting QB

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Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins
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Spencer Rattler. 533. . . Spencer Rattler. Spencer Rattler. QB. player. . 3

This is where things get interesting, and when the Falcons finally turn their attention to the offensive side of the ball. With one of their third-round picks, they decide to draft a quarterback, and it's a pretty polarizing one.

For so long, Spencer Rattler has been a big name. He's been humbled over the years. Say what you want about the guy, but he put on a good show at the Combine and looks like he's ready to play at the pro level. At one point, he was talked about as a first-round pick. This kid has talent.

This could be a perfect spot for Rattler to come in and sit for a little while, learning behind Cousins in more than just the on-field stuff. Rattler could learn a lot from Cousins as a person and how to handle adversity, act with integrity, etc.

. WR. . . Malachi Corley. Malachi Corley. 3. player. Malachi Corley. 2192

This is a total luxury pick for the Falcons. At wide receiver, they've done a pretty good job rounding out their top three. Drake London now gets joined by the newly-signed Darnell Mooney as well as Rondale Moore, via trade.

But, Western Kentucky's Malachi Corley comes in and joins the room as one of the most exciting wide receiver prospects in terms of talent after the catch. This guy is a machine with the ball in his hands. He's a true playmaker. He moves the chains at all costs and plays like every down is his last. As the team's third or fourth wideout, Corley is, once again, a pure luxury.