Falcons 2024 NFL Mock Draft: The QB has landed, but not who you think

Atlanta gets their quarterback. Will he be the franchise passer this team needs?

Atlanta Falcons, 2024 NFL Draft
Atlanta Falcons, 2024 NFL Draft / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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Here it is. The Falcons wait around until Round 2, and this year's surprise fall is Michigan's J.J. McCarthy. Last year, it was Will Levis. This year, McCarthy is going to be the one entering the NFL with a huge chip on his shoulder.

Now, I know he may be biased, but McCarthy's college coach and new Los Angeles Chargers head coach had some high praise for the Wolverine passer in a recent interview with Colin Cowherd.

Obviously, we know McCarthy isn't going no. 1 overall. But, Harbaugh does a nice job selling his college quarterback, here. And, who knows the quarterback position better than Harbaugh? Very few, if we're being honest.

It's easy to see why Harbaugh has so much faith in McCarthy, too. He may not be the flashy, top-3 prospect like Williams, Maye or Daniels. But, McCarthy has proven he can make all of the throws. He doesn't have an overwhelming arm, but he's able to make all necessary throws and especially excels in firing over the middle, where many young quarterbacks get gunshy.

McCarthy is an agile mover in the pocket, too. He isn't your prototypical dual-threat, by any means. But, he can use his feet if he needs to. He does come in with over 600 rushing yards and 10 scores with his feet.

With the supporting cast he'll get in Atlanta, McCarthy will be set up for immediate success. The Falcons will continue adding talent at the receiver position as we go on, here, and he'll be more than thrilled to have guys like Drake London, Bijan Robinson and Kyle Pitts on his side.