Falcons 2024 NFL Mock Draft: The QB has landed, but not who you think

Atlanta gets their quarterback. Will he be the franchise passer this team needs?

Atlanta Falcons, 2024 NFL Draft
Atlanta Falcons, 2024 NFL Draft / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages
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With their second pick in the sixth round, the Falcons attack the wide receiver position once again. Getting younger and more talented at this spot is going to be crucial for a long-lasting period of success, and the Falcons understand that.

Now, the Falcons have Drake London, Ricky Pearsall and Luke McCaffrey, here, out of Rice to round out their top three targets for 2024. Yes, I'm assuming McCaffrey comes in and makes a big impact even as a sixth rounder. To be frank, McCaffrey should have gone earlier. The one thing he does well is to get open, and that's going to be vital for a young quarterback like McCarthy.

C. Tanor Bortolini. 493. . Tanor Bortolini. player. . . Tanor Bortolini. 7

With their final pick in the draft, the Falcons do something that is very rarely a bad idea to do: draft an offensive lineman out of the University of Wisconsin. If you want to go pro as an offensive lineman, you go play for the Badgers. It's a good rule of thumb.

And, while Tanor Bortolini may have some polishing to do, he has great size at 6-foot-4 and 310 pounds. He's a strong fit in a zone running scheme, which the Falcons implemented often last year. At the very least, he is strong depth and far from a wasted pick. Down the line, the Falcons may have found a gem, here.