Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?

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While the Atlanta Falcons are working through a coaching search, the biggest need on the roster is a starting quarterback who can lead this franchise to the highest of heights. The Falcons haven't had a competent quarterback since trading away Matt Ryan before the 2022 season. When looking into quarterbacks in the 2024 offseason, the Falcons need to pick someone who not only fits their roster the best but will fit whatever coach they end up hiring as well. There are a lot of different avenues the Falcons could take when it comes to bringing in a quarterback to start for 2024.

They could do the tried-and-true method of taking a guy in the draft and hoping he works out. It's benefited them in the past with Michael Vick and Matt Ryan. They could look into a trade for a veteran who may not have had a great start in his current spot but would be better off in Atlanta. They could look into free agency, or they could punt the franchise quarterback until 2025 and hope that someone else pops up in the next year that's worth trading up for. If they choose the last option, they will likely have to look into a stopgap or even hope that their new head coach is a miracle worker that can develop who they have to make it work for at least a year.

The Falcons have a ton of resources this offseason to get a new quarterback. They have a full slate of draft picks including the No. 8 overall pick and an extra pick that is either a second-round pick or third-round pick from the Jaguars. That pick is a second rounder if the Jaguars re-sign Calvin Ridley or a third-round pick if they don't. Adding an extra pick gives them an option to trade up. They also have around $33 million of cap space according to with up to $70 million of cap flexibility this season.