Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?
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Bo Nix, J.J. McCarthy, Cameron Ward, Spencer Rattler, Jordan Travis, etc. from the draft.

Any of the quarterbacks after Michael Penix, Drake Maye, Caleb Williams and Jayden Daniels in this year's draft are mediocre prospects who shouldn't be selected before the third round of the draft. Third round or later draft prospects don't tend to work out. Over-drafted third-round prospects like Zach Wilson, E.J. Manuel, Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky or Johnny Manziel that the NFL should have not over-drafted all ended up busting because they just weren't that great in the first place. This year's crop of guys like Bo Nix, J.J. McCarthy, Cam Ward, Spencer Rattler, Jordan Travis, etc. should all be ignored as long-term options as anything but backups because of how close they are to the other third-round caliber talents.

Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston, Jacoby Brissett, Gardner Minshew, etc. in free agency

Much like the giant crop of third round and later quarterbacks, these guys are the free agency equivalent. There's a lot of names that were drafted high and may have had success elsewhere, but the Falcons should pass up on this. The going rate for these quarterbacks isn't going to be worth what their performance on the field will be worth. They have a quality enough backup in Desmond Ridder and should cut Taylor Heinicke to free up more cap space. If they do decide to worry about backup quarterback, drafting a guy the coach likes makes a heckuva lot more sense than wasting money in free agency.

With all the options available for the Atlanta Falcons, whoever the coach is will truly determine the path for the team at quarterback. And while every single quarterback out there will have their own camps within the fan base, every Falcons fan should expect better performance out of whoever the signal caller is during the 2024 season. Atlanta has the framework to pop a quarterback right in; they just need to figure out who their coach—whoever that ends up being—truly would be the most successful with.

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