Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?

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Tier 1: Potential Franchise Guys in the draft

The Falcons could really benefit from what looks to be a robust quarterback draft in 2024. While there's a lot of solid quarterbacks in the draft, three stand out above the rest. Drake Maye out of North Carolina, Jayden Daniels out of Louisiana State and Caleb Williams out of Southern California. If there's an obvious franchise guy, the Falcons need to position themselves for one of those three. A trade up to No. 1 overall or No. 2 overall would likely look like this:

Chicago or Washington gets:

2024 1st round pick (No. 8 overall)
2024 2nd round pick (Maybe Jacksonville's if the Falcons get it)
2024 3rd round pick (No. 72 overall)
2025 1st round pick
2026 2nd round pick
A player like cornerback AJ Terrell and/or edge defender DeAngelo Malone

Atlanta gets:

2024 1st round pick (No. 1 or No. 2 overall)

While this looks like a lot of investment for just one player, it's the going rate for a top pick to get a quarterback based on the trade from the Bears and Panthers in 2023. The Bears ending up with D.J. Moore, A.J. Terrell, four first round picks, four second round picks and a third-round pick for a No. 1 overall from the 2023 draft would be the biggest haul they could have ever gotten for a single pick. It's the kind of trade that makes Chicago look like the team builders that they need to be. And it would help Atlanta with the piece they need to make the entire rebuild actually work.