Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?

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Kirk Cousins, Minnesota Vikings

The best quarterback on the market is a guy who finished his season on injured reserve in Kirk Cousins. Cousins is a more traditional quarterback in the Matt Ryan mold who would bring back some of that same vibe to the team. He's a guy who all of his teammates love and could be a great mentor for a young quarterback the Falcons could either draft or think they already have on the roster. Cousins has shown through the years that running an offense is easy for him, but he's not the best athlete and coming off an Achilles tear, he may not be close to the athlete he was even last year.

The Falcons would have to spend a ton of money to bring Cousins in. The Vikings are more than likely going to make an offer to him somewhere in the range of the 2 years and $60 million that Pro Football Focus and OverTheCap's Brad Spielberger suggests. The Falcons have the cap space for this kind of deal, but it would be something that the Falcons need to make room for additional moves with restructures if they decide to do it. Atlanta could go this route, but because of the cost prohibition, it would be surprising unless the new head coach won't take anyone else.