Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?

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Tier 4: Second and third tier talents and current Falcons

These quarterbacks should be considered the last possible resorts for the Falcons if they can't get anyone listed in the prior tiers. These aren't great options and honestly will need a couple of years of development regardless of who ends up being the pick for quarterback in this group. This is the group of guys who won't be too expensive, could be taken at the Falcons actual picks or are currently under contract. The Falcons having to go with one of these options would be a worst-case scenario for 2024 but could end up being a guy who surprises.

Michael Penix, Washington Huskies

The darling of the college football semi-final game was Michael Penix out of Washington. And while he looked fantastic in one game, he's only nine months younger than Desmond Ridder and has no experience, where Ridder has two years worth of it. They have similar arm strength, mobility, and mistakes over the middle of the field. As good as Penix looks when attacking the edges of the field, that may not be something he can take advantage of when he's a quarterback in the NFL. There's a lot of people who thought he could be a first round selection.

However, he's not the guy the Falcons should take in the first round... or the second round. He has fatal flaws in his game that will make him an ineffective NFL quarterback based on his struggles over the middle. On top of that, he wasn't great until he turned 22 and was facing a bunch of 18-20 year old players. He also has had season ending injuries to his non-throwing shoulder, both of his ACLs and another non-disclosed injury during his junior year. The fatal flaws, the injuries, even the age that he's leaving school at are all issues for him.

Another curveball—only in context with the Falcons—is him being left-handed. In any other situation, it wouldn't be an issue, but with the Falcons, it's a big issue because why would anyone trust Kaleb McGary to guard a quarterback's blind side? He's not got the footwork in pass protection. He's not got the quickness to do it versus speed rushers. The Falcons would have to drastically re-tool the offensive line and that's not an ideal situation for any quarterback to be drafted into. Penix would only be worth it for the Falcons if he's available in the third round.