Atlanta Falcons: 3 Players who lost their job following day two of the NFL Draft

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Atlanta Falcons OG Jalen Mayfield is out of a job

I think the writing was already on the wall for the Atlanta Falcons' third-round pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Jalen Mayfield came into the league with the task of protecting Matt Ryan and he somehow did anything but that.

He was given every opportunity during his rookie season and he was a turnstile that spun more than the ones at Disneyland—it really was something else.

Then he followed it up by spending his entire second season on the "injured reserve." Emphasis on "reserve."

Anyways, the team's selection of Matthew Bergeron was the nail in the coffin because now it is a two-man race for the left guard position between him and Matt Hennessy. Barring a stunning turnaround by the former Michigan offensive tackle, there is no way that Mayfield will make the 53-man roster. He just doesn't have a spot anymore, especially following the second round of the NFL Draft.