Atlanta Falcons: 4 Offseason moves that could backfire

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2. Atlanta Falcons might regret signing DT David Onyemata

David Onyemata brings some veteran help to an Atlanta Falcons defensive line that needs all the help they can get. However, this was a curiously expensive signing for a player in his early 30s and as we all know, the NFL is not kind to age unless you are a quarterback, kicker, or punter.

The Falcons signed Onyemata to a three-year, $35 million contract. But that isn't the part that could be cause for concern, the $24.5 million in guarantees is.

That is a lot of money to give a player who might have already played his best football. I want to clarify something though, I said might; he is a stable player who should give you solid play at the minimum. This signing might end up as a regret if a younger free agent ends up emerging for another team.