Atlanta Falcons: 4 Offseason moves that could backfire

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3. Atlanta Falcons might regret signing LB Kaden Elliss

This was an interesting signing by the Atlanta Falcons. They brought in Ryan Nielsen who clearly likes Kaden Elliss enough to help push Terry Fontenot to sign Kaden Elliss, who Fontenot helped draft when he was with the Saints.

The amount of money going to Elliss shocked a lot of people because he is a player who has only one good season under his belt. Prior to last season, he never had more than 17 tackles and one sack in a season and had only one start in three years.

The Falcons handed him a three-year, $21.5 million deal with $10 million guaranteed. I love everything that Elliss can do for the defense but it is a lot of money to invest in a player with basically only one year of production.