Atlanta Falcons: 4 Players under the most pressure in 2023

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3. Troy Andersen, LB, Atlanta Falcons

I have brought up Troy Andersen's name a lot recently because of all the expectations he will have on his shoulders going into year two with the Atlanta Falcons.

Andersen will be expected to relay plays to the defense, ensure everyone is aligned correctly, and be the team's best linebacker. That is a lot for a player who was playing at the FCS level at Montana State two years ago.

However, he is smart enough and talented enough to figure all of this out. After all, he was able to play linebacker, quarterback, and running back in college. So, when they say that a linebacker is the quarterback of the defense, it takes on a whole new meaning for Troy Andersen.

It will also be interesting to see if he has help from another veteran. Jessie Bates could help take on some responsibility.