Atlanta Falcons: 5 First-round picks that would terrify the NFL

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Florida QB Anthony Richardson on the Atlanta Falcons would terrify the NFL

Hate this all you want but you cannot ignore how talented Anthony Richardson is and how special he could be in the Atlanta Falcons' offense if he were to reach his potential.

Arthur Smith loves to use his quarterback in the run game and loves play action deep shots. Richardson is a big and powerful quarterback who can run through you or past you, then rifle a throw 60+ yards down the field on the next play.

I can't imagine trying to defend the Falcons duo at running back and then Drake London, Kyle Pitts, Jonnu Smith, and Anthony Richardson, as both a runner and passer.

I can envision a scenario where Smith and Fontenot take a massive gamble on Richardson because of what he could become in the system. To start out his career, you could use his athleticism and run easy concepts on offense to slowly ease him into the pros.