Atlanta Falcons: 5 Players that could be gone after the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
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1. Jeff Okudah

The way that the contract works took away the fifth-year option for the Falcons when they traded for the former first-rounder. Okudah is on what is a one-year deal before becoming a free agent and is perfectly situated to have the type of season the corner was expected to when drafted.

Everything about Atlanta's defense and the talent around the fourth-year corner has set up Okudah for a big year heading into free agency. If that is the case it is completely possible if not probable Atlanta lets Okudah walk in favor of giving their younger corners a bigger role or adding options to the position.

It is on the table as well that Atlanta pays Okudah after a big season but looking at what Terry Fontenot has done in free agency it doesn't fit Atlanta's typical moves. After cutting Casey Hayward, Okudah is clearly the Falcons' second corner behind A.J. Terrell with a myriad of options competing for the depth chart spots behind these two starters.

Adding Jeff Okudah for as little as Fontenot did was a savvy move. The question now is if that move pays off will the Falcons be able to keep Okudah?