Atlanta Falcons: 5 Players that could be gone after the 2023 season

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2. Cordarrelle Patterson

The Atlanta Falcons should be willing to pay Patterson until the utility player is able to walk away. The energy and production he has brought to this franchise through two tough seasons deserves respect as does the way Patterson carries himself off the field with fans and appears to take a discount to stay with the Atlanta Falcons two seasons ago.

Still, with Bijan Robinson, Drake London, Kyle Pitts, and Tyler Allgeier all on rookie contracts and needing long-term deals in the future it is possible Atlanta opts to let Patterson walk away at the end of the season. It wouldn't be the right decision but it is one that would make a level of sense considering Patterson's age and the depth you have at running back and should add at receiver next off-season.

Patterson still carries immense value as a kick returner alone but has shown himself more than capable of filling a starting role at receiver or running back. If Atlanta doesn't give Patterson the expected role throughout the 2023 season it is possible the veteran decides to move on as well despite making his love for Atlanta and the Falcons clear.