Atlanta Falcons: 5 Players that could be gone after the 2023 season

Atlanta Falcons Training Camp
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4. Mack Hollins

What the Atlanta Falcons continue to do at receiver or fail to do rather, is one of the very few frustrating parts of the off-season. Arthur Smith's view of using Bijan Robinson, Patterson, and Jonnu Smith as receivers to help fill the lack of established players at receiver makes sense to some extent.

It is understandable to want to add cheap players like Hollins who are going to fit into the system without making waves and be willing blockers. To play in Smith's system being a willing blocker is seemingly as if not more important than being a good receiver.

Hollins fits everything that Arthur Smith targets at the position and is coming off of the best season of his career. After struggling early Hollins found a role with the Raiders and chemistry with Derek Carr putting up career-best and landing a starting job in Atlanta.

Much as is the case with Mykal Walker this season is one that has a chance to define Mack's career. Another big season and Hollins will likely look to cash in with the Falcons still searching for a long-term second option for Desmond Ridder.