Atlanta Falcons: 5 players who must step up to beat the Panthers

Based on matchups, here are five players that must step up if the Atlanta Falcons want to beat the Panthers in week one
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages
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5. Drew Dalman, C

If there was one Panthers player that I could choose to not play against the Falcons, it would be their interior defensive lineman, Derrick Brown.

Last season, Brown dominated Drew Dalman and it is hard to think that will change. He had eight hurries and one sack in the two games against Atlanta.

I'll just say this, the Panthers would be absolutely stupid to not put Derrick Brown nose-to-nose with Drew Dalman. Dalman has to do enough to keep Brown from wrecking havoc in both the run and pass game.

This matchup is the one that scares me the most for Sunday as Brown could ruin the day for the Falcons if Dalman can't get an anchor on him.