Atlanta Falcons: 5 Presumed starters to be worried about

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Five presumed starters for the Atlanta Falcons that we should be concerned about

The difference in talent between the 2022 Atlanta Falcons and the 2023 Atlanta Falcons is night and day. Terry Fontenot has constructed a much better roster in a short period of time.

However, the Falcons still have starters at a few positions that we should still be worried about. But, to be fair, every roster in the league has concerns. The NFL is not like the NBA, you cannot fill out a flawless dream team like so many organizations in the NBA have done over the years.

Here are the five players, who are predicted to be starters, that we should be worried about.

1. Drew Dalman is a concern for the Atlanta Falcons at center

Late in the 2021 season, the coaching staff for the Atlanta Falcons were splitting game reps between Matt Hennessy and rookie Drew Dalman. Then Dalman took the job outright for the entire 2022 season and while he wasn't awful, he was the weak link on a line that had numerous different starters at left guard.

If the Falcons were a team that relied on their passing attack, Dalman likely wouldn't be the starter. He struggles in pass protection but that can be covered up by his solid athleticism and run blocking. Either way, the Falcons should be looking for a more balanced attack which means Dalman needs to take another step up. Not to mention, he needs to work on delivering accurate snaps.