Atlanta Falcons: 5 Presumed starters to be worried about

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5. Jeff Okudah is a concern for the Atlanta Falcons at cornerback

This is a player that everyone needs to temper their expectations for, including those within the Atlanta Falcons organization. Since being the third-overall pick in 2020, Jeff Okudah has been a total bust.

The talent is there but there are countless examples of extreme talents never turning out. While Okudah has been marred by injuries, he hasn't been that great even when on the field. There is a reason that a team who needed cornerback help was willing to trade him for a late-round pick.

He slots in as the number-two cornerback which is a worrisome proposition. The Falcons are banking on the talent and the production he had at the college level. They are also hoping that a change of scenery was all Okudah needed.

This is a lot of belief the Falcons have put in a player who has been a bust through his first three seasons. Expecting him to deal with all the action that comes opposite of A.J. Terrell, is a risky and concerning move for the Atlanta Falcons.

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