Atlanta Falcons: 6 coaches who could replace Arthur Smith

With so much doubt about Arthur Smith's future with the Atlanta Falcons, here are six coaches who could take over the team in the coming months

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2. Bill Belichick - Patriots HC

You know the name and what he has done as the head coach of the New England Patriots. If you want to believe the reports around New England, then Bill Belichick is as good as gone once the final whistle blows in week 18.

Belichick could decide to retire but something tells me he wants to make a point and lead another team to success.

I don't know that this would be the best hire but it is hard to ignore his track record as a head coach. The ultimate goal is to win the Super Bowl and he has done that more than a few times.

Belichick has also always led great defenses, even with a lack of talent every year. He knows how to get the best out of every player (unlike someone we all know).

The question is: would he be willing to be just a coach, or would he demand to be the general manager as well? Terry Fontenot isn't going anywhere so that could be a dealbreaker.