Atlanta Falcons: 6 Most disappointing players of the 2022 season

Pittsburgh Steelers v Atlanta Falcons
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4. Marcus Mariota - QB - Atlanta Falcons

Marcus Mariota came to the Atlanta Falcons with a lot of intrigue. Putting high expectations on him was only natural considering he was the second-overall pick after a legendary career at Oregon. We all hoped to see the athletic QB's career be revived by his former coach Arthur Smith.

Instead, we got mistake after mistake at critical times during games throughout the year and a quarterback who should have been benched much sooner than he was. And when he was finally benched, according to reports, he was flabbergasted as to why the team benched him which resulted in him quitting on the team.

If those reports are true, then wow, he needs to go back and watch his film without rose-colored glasses. He was given a longer leash than he should have and likely would have been benched weeks earlier if he was on any other team.

While Marcus Mariota did have a couple of solid games, overall, he was a giant disappointment for the Atlanta Falcons. I think we are all glad to see him gone.