Atlanta Falcons: 6 Most disappointing players of the 2022 season

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5. Ade Ogundeji - OLB - Atlanta Falcons

Most everyone last year was focused on Marcus Mariota getting benched for the Atlanta Falcons. I was waiting for it too but I was also pounding the table for the Falcons to demote Ade Ogundeji who was the most ineffective outside rusher in the NFL last year.

His stats are impressive for all the wrong reasons, it truly is incredible how he managed to play so much while producing so little. I mean just look at this:

  • 16 starts, 541 snaps
  • 2 sacks, 4 hurries, 0 QB hits
  • 0 batted passes
  • 26 total tackles, 21.7% of tackles missed
  • 3 tackles for loss

It is honestly incredible. I have never seen anything quite like that. Here are his snaps per *stat* in 2022:

  • 270 snaps per sack
  • 135 snaps per hurry
  • 180 snaps per TFL
  • 21 snaps per tackle

Honestly, what else is there to say, there was no reason for him to start 16 times. The only reason he didn't start 17 games is because he was inactive in week six, which also happens to be the game that the defense allowed a season-low 14 points against the 49ers. What's more, they arguably had their best pass-rushing performance that week.

I hate being this harsh on players but we have to call a spade a spade, Ogundeji was one of the worst starters in the NFL last year, regardless of position. There is even an argument that he was the worst.