Atlanta Falcons: 7 free agent signings we would despise in 2024

Here are seven free agents that we do not want to see the Atlanta Falcons sign in 2024.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
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4. We would hate to see the Falcons sign DE Chase Young

Many fans wanted to see the Falcons trade for Chase Young last season but what they failed to realize is that Young is not the greatest example of heart on the football field.

Even before he was exposed on social media, he had concerning moments on the football field. He isn't a high-effort player which is something we do not want on the Atlanta Falcons, no matter his talent.

3. We would hate to see the Falcons sign QB Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota isn't the most popular quarterback in Atlanta. While he had some good moments, he ultimately found himself on the bench and then decided to walk away from the team. While it doesn't seem like he "quit" on the team as initial reports indicated, it still wasn't a great look.

He was simply not a good starting quarterback post-Matt Ryan. Any Falcons fan would be fine not seeing him back in red and black.

You might be wondering how it gets worse than this. Trust me, it does.