Atlanta Falcons all-defensive mock draft: Two elite defenders land in Atlanta

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2023 Atlanta Falcons all-defensive mock draft

With the draft being one day away, we will look at what an all-defensive draft could look like for the Atlanta Falcons. Yesterday we went over an all-offensive draft which you can check out by clicking the link below.

Read: Atlanta Falcons all-offensive mock draft.

I never thought you would be able to say this about the Atlanta Falcons but putting together an all-defensive draft was actually more difficult than the offensive mock draft. For so long we have seen the Falcons have massive holes on the defensive side of the ball that you could easily see them selecting eight defenders in one draft but in 2023, that is not going to happen.

With all the trades and free agency moves, their defense looks massively improved. There are still a couple of areas they need to address, nevertheless, they have given themselves the luxury of not having to reach for a player due to positional needs.

I do think they should draft a defensive player in the first round. They are coming off of two-straight drafts where they have selected pass catchers in the top ten, so now it is time to get an elite talent on the defense.

Anyways, here is an all-defensive mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons.