Atlanta Falcons all-defensive mock draft: Two elite defenders land in Atlanta

Illinois v Indiana
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The Atlanta Falcons' fourth-round picks

Moro Ojomo. player. . . DL. Texas. 110. 44

The Atlanta Falcons follow up their selection of the Texas linebacker by selecting the player who helped create gaps for him to run through, Moro Ojomo.

Ojomo is a tick under 300 pounds, so he won't be expected to be the triple-team magnet, however, he has the strength to be able to push back offensive linemen in both the running game and passing game. He would help bring depth to the defensive line.

One quick note, Ojomo was actually born in Lagos, Nigeria which is the same place that new Falcons DL David Onyemata was born.

EDGE. 113. player. 44. . . Clemson. K.J. Henry

K.J. Henry is a prospect that is being overlooked. Most evaluators have been focusing on Myles Murphy—for good reason—but K.J. Henry could also become a really good player.

If the Atlanta Falcons could land him here then it would be a steal. He has the height, length, and athleticism you look for but just needs to be tuned up.