Atlanta Falcons all-offensive mock draft: RB leads off, Georgia hero wraps it up

NFL Combine
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The Atlanta Falcons' second-round pick

TCU. 44. player. 44. . G. Steve Avila.

Steve Avila was the starting guard for a team that made the National Championship. While they ended up getting blown out by a team led by a player who may or may not get selected later on in this mock draft, it still speaks volumes as he was able to help protect Max Duggan. The Atlanta Falcons are looking to find a guard opposite of their stud right guard, Chris Lindstrom, and Avila could be just that.

We don't know how much trust they have in Matt Hennessy who is currently the starter but at the very least Avila could help push for the job throughout the offseason.

Avila is a strong player who will take it to his opposition. He might be a little slow for the Falcons' scheme but he can still have a great career in Atlanta.