Atlanta Falcons all-offensive mock draft: RB leads off, Georgia hero wraps it up

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The Atlanta Falcons' third-round pick

75. player. 44. . WR. Wake Forest. A.T. Perry.

The Atlanta Falcons clearly have a liking for big receivers—there are so many examples that prove that point that it would take up way too much space—which is exactly what Wake Forest's wide receiver A.T. Perry is.

The Falcons have added Mack Hollins and Scotty Miller while also bringing back Khadarel Hodge which makes for a solid receiver room but I still think they should add a high-upside player which is also what A.T. Perry is.

With Perry running a 4.47 forty-yard dash, Perry needs to go to a team that knows how to use big and physical receivers; the Atlanta Falcons are just that team. Have Drake London on one side, Kyle Pitts inside, and A.T. Perry on the other side, and tell Desmond Ridder to go throw the ball up for his huge receivers.