Atlanta Falcons already missed out on the best edge available this offseason

Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers
Green Bay Packers v Carolina Panthers / Jared C. Tilton/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons never had any true chance of landing Brian Burns. As badly run of an organization as the Carolina Panthers are they wouldn't trade their best player within the division. Brian Burns leaving the division is a win within itself.

It seems to be a Carolina tradition at this point to jettison their best player each season. Trades of Christian McCaffrey, D.J. Moore, and now Brian Burns highlight the last three years. It shows as well that as dark as things have been for Atlanta they could be much worse.

While acknowledging they never had a chance to land him it is fun to imagine "what if" with Burns. Burns signed a 5-year and $150-million dollar deal with the Giants. As tough as that is to stomach Atlanta should have paid it to fix their pass-rushing issues. Unlike the prospects in the draft or older veterans on the market, Burns is a pass rusher in his prime.

Carolina has hurt his ability to put up big numbers based on what they put around him. The Giants traded only one-day two pick for an elite pass rusher. While they rewarded him with a huge contract adding a player of Burns' ability without giving up a first is exactly the type of move Atlanta is starved for.

If it was any other team in the league giving up Burns, Atlanta fans would have a valid reason to be upset with the Falcons not landing the star. But with Burns already playing for a division rival it is understandable that a deal likely couldn't get done.

Bryce Young has been terrorized enough behind a terrible offensive line. Handing your best pass rusher to a team you play twice a season might be too incompetent even for this Carolina Panthers organization.

The Atlanta Falcons hunt for an edge rusher continues with the team likely drafting an edge 8th overall. Hopefully, the pick will be the end of the problems the Falcons have had at the position for far too long.