Atlanta Falcons appear close to landing veteran head coach

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

Before the Atlanta Falcons have interviewed every reported option the team is already having a second interview with a name that isn't exciting many fans. Bill Belichick will have a second interview with the Falcons and it seems this signals mutual interest. Knowing Arthur Blank's style it appears the only question is will Bill choose Atlanta?

At least for this meeting, the Falcons deemed it wise to include their GM in a decision that should be his alone. While it is unclear how the power structure in Atlanta works it does seem Fontenot has done an amazing job building out this roster.

It is the deepest group Atlanta has had since the 2016 season lacking only a quarterback and capable pass rusher. Add those two things to the 2023 roster and perhaps it is the Falcons playing the Lions this weekend.

Regardless, the Falcons roster needs are clear the same roster needs that resulted in Bill leaving the Patriots. As clear as it appears that this hire is going to happen the concerns as to why it won't work are as well.

Bill choosing a landing spot that has the exact same problems as the Patriots is just a part of what makes this all so confusing. It seems a team with an established culture would be a far better way for the head coach to end his career.

However, if Bill is looking at accomplishments there is none bigger than winning a Super Bowl in Atlanta. Take what has been a cursed franchise to their first Super Bowl win and your legend status grows. Not only that but you find yourself back in the debate of Belichick vs. Brady.

It seems an extremely long shot considering what we have seen from both Blank and Belichick over recent years. However, it is a vision that is clear to see and one that would age many Belichick takes very poorly. The more likely outcome? We see 3-4 seasons of middling teams and poor offensive play for a team carried by the defense.