Atlanta Falcons best moves of the 2024 offseason

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1. Hiring Raheem Morris

There was some fear that Arthur Blank wouldn't make the obvious move and fired Arthur Smith this offseason. The final game changed this with Smith's Falcons appearing to have let go of the rope. After an extensive search, the Falcons landed on former Atlanta coach Raheem Morris.

If ever there was an opposite of Arthur Smith's style it is Morris. It is easy to see why his players love him and what an upgrade he will be over Arthur Smith. Aside from the obvious on field impact you have the way that he handles the media and talking about his players.

With Raheem Morris, you don't have to wade your way through a massive ego to get an answer to a normal question. You also have the fact that Morris was the clear hire despite going up against far more accomplished coaches. Give the Falcons credit they clearly landed the perfect fit for this roster and team.

Arthur Blank's ability to see the issues with the front office and restructure it has helped this team as well. Raheem Morris is the right coach at the right time for a team that hasn't had an above-average coach for three years.