Atlanta Falcons best moves of the 2024 offseason

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2. Signing Kirk Cousins

The amount of criticism that the Kirk Cousins signing was given before the Falcons drafted Michael Penix Jr. was surprising. Let's set aside the decision to draft the rookie quarterback and simply look at the signing of Kirk Cousins. The Falcons went out and got the best quarterback that was on the market.

With the draft now having played out it is known that Drake Maye, Jayden Daniels, and Caleb Williams were all out of reach. Atlanta didn't have a chance to land any of the top three quarterback prospects in this year's draft. This left the team only with the trade and free agent markets and Kirk Cousins is the best option.

Even without the coaching changes and roster upgrades the Falcons were close to a playoff team in 2023. With Kirk Cousins, it is hard to imagine that if it were Cousins starting and not Desmond Ridder the team doesn't make the postseason.

Adding Cousins makes this roster have a far higher ceiling and gives them time to find a long-term answer. While Atlanta doesn't have Justin Jefferson they have a better offensive line and depth of weapons. Cousins might not be a star quarterback but he is a great player that elevates this team.