Atlanta Falcons best moves of the 2024 offseason

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4. Hiring Zac Robinson

This isn't a shot at Atlanta's former offensive coordinator who was never given a fair shot at calling plays. It is hard to be an OC who isn't allowed to call plays and is behind the ego of Arthur Smith. Smith's job as the play caller and designer was clear and the results over the last two seasons speak for themselves.

Atlanta went out and added Raheem Morris who added the complete opposite of their former play caller. Under Robinson, you're going to see this team lean on their weapons and spread the field far more often. You will have 3-4 receivers on the field if you include Kyle Pitts and a team that wants to force-feed their stars.

A concept that seems simplistic and obvious if you didn't just spend three years watching Arthur Smith. Robinson is deserving of the promotion and should be expected to run the same system the Rams have had so much success with.

Robinson is going to be a breath of fresh air for the offensive stars, fans, and a defense that spent far too much time on the field in the 2024 season.