Atlanta Falcons' best player in each of the past 10 seasons

Looking at the best player for the Atlanta Falcons in each of the past ten seasons
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2017 Falcons season: Julio Jones, WR

Stats: 88 catches, 1,444 receiving yards, 3 touchdowns

Julio Jones is the selection... again...

Julio did not have his usual 1,500+ yard season but his stats were still ridiculous. Of course, Julio was never known to put up double-digit touchdowns due to a lack of redzone chances but his impact on the team was beyond what any of us know.

He helped move his offense down the field while also opening up opportunities for others. I think we all are wishing we could see Julio Jones in his prime again.

Outside of Julio, no one really had a standout season. Matt Ryan put up his usual 4k season, Mohamed Sanu had a nice year, Devonta Freeman neared 1k rushing yards and had 8 TDs, and Adrian Clayborn had 9.5 sacks.