Atlanta Falcons: Breakdown & grades for Desmond Ridder's 4 starts last season

After watching all of Desmond Ridder's snaps during the final four games of the 2022 season, here is a breakdown of what I saw from the new Atlanta Falcons quarterback and how I graded him in each game
Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens
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Desmond Ridder 2022 breakdown: Week 15, Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints

Result: Loss (ATL 18, NO 21)


  • 13/26 (50%)
  • 97 passing yds
  • 59.3 QBR
  • 0 TD
  • 6 rushes for 18 yds
  • 4 sacks for -8 yds
  • 0 fumbles
  • 0 interceptions

Desmond Ridder was not put in an ideal situation for his first start. He had to go on the road to play a heated rival in a full stadium known for being loud. He also had to go against one of the best defenses in the NFL.

Ridder started his career 0/5 and by my count, he missed an open receiver on two of those five plays. However, he then got in a rhythm and completed his next five passes with three of them going to open receivers, two into tight windows, and one to a covered receiver.

After this, he went on streaks of having three incompletions, three completions, and five incompletions, before finishing it up by completing six of his final nine passes. He was under pressure 11 times and had two passes dropped.

Ridder did have a few turnover-worthy plays but the Saints did not capitalize on any of them.

Based on location, I charted Ridder going 4/4 on passes at or behind the line of scrimmage, 6/10 on short passes, 4/12 on medium passes, and 0/4 on deep passes. Then I marked three passes as being "A+ throws."

While Desmond Ridder did not play a clean game, he still made some great throws and had a chance to win the game but Drake London fumbled the ball.

I scored each play of his (taking various elements into account like not seeing an open receiver, accuracy, drops, pressure, etc.) and then found his average grade which is shown right below.

Composite Grade: 4.9/10