Atlanta Falcons: Breakdown & grades for Desmond Ridder's 4 starts last season

After watching all of Desmond Ridder's snaps during the final four games of the 2022 season, here is a breakdown of what I saw from the new Atlanta Falcons quarterback and how I graded him in each game
Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens
Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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Desmond Ridder 2022 breakdown: Week 16, Atlanta Falcons @ Baltimore Ravens

Result: Loss (ATL 9, BAL 17)


  • 22/33 (66%)
  • 218 passing yds
  • 85.2 QBR
  • 0 TD
  • 4 rushes for 8 yds
  • 2 sacks for -6 yds
  • 1 fumble (0 lost)
  • 0 interceptions

Desmond Ridder was clearly better in his second start as the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, no doubt about it. He made better decisions, was more efficient, and looked more poised.

While the offense only scored three field goals, they were screwed over by the refs twice. One came on a play where Ridder was called for intentional grounding, close to the endzone, despite his arm getting hit while throwing, and the other was a cheap holding penalty on a rushing touchdown. Meanwhile, the Ravens somehow only committed one penalty for six yards.

It was also well below freezing in Baltimore during this game which is never easy to overcome. There wasn't much going Ridder's way in his second start.

Unlike his first start, Ridder's completions and incompletions were more evenly spread out, especially after his first ten passes. One of his passes was dropped and he was under pressure on nine dropbacks.

I had him completing 7/8 at or behind the LOS, 8/10 on short passes, 5/11 on medium passes, and 3/4 on deep passes. Ridder had two "A+ throws" but he threw two passes that should have been intercepted and one that was in danger of being picked.

The improvements were visible from game one to game two, which became a common theme. While the offense never got into the endzone, they had a lot going against them.

Composite Grade: 5.2