Atlanta Falcons clearly failed fan favorite Cordarrelle Patterson in 2023

Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons
Indianapolis Colts v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

One of the strangest parts of the Atlanta Falcons 2023 season was the management of Cordarrelle Patterson. You have a player that has often been your offensive heart looking to go into a new position. Patterson had played as a receiver, running back, and returner while lining up all over the field in these positions.

Whether it was Matt Ryan or Marcus Mariota it seemed anytime anything happened for Atlanta offensively Cordarrelle Patterson was on the field. In his second season with Atlanta the bulk of his production came in the rushing attack.

Patterson and Tyler Allgeier formed a dynamic duo that gave the Atlanta offense a chance almost every week. It is what helped keep them in the wildcard and division hunt late into the season.

So heading into the 2023 season expectations were understandably high for Patterson. This was only bolstered by Arthur Smith's invention of the "Joker" position for the Atlanta utility player. A role that it turns outspends most of the time on the bench.

This is despite the Falcons having zero depth at receiver and often struggling to run the ball. Patterson remained out of the lineup for the majority of the season despite his history and what he could have brought to the team as a receiver.

Patterson is now turning the page on Atlanta as the team moves on as well stocking up on receivers and having their backfield in Allgeier and Bijan Robinson.

Still, among Arthur Smith's many confusing decisions this ranks near the very top in how it was managed. Why did the Falcons bring Patterson back if the plan was to faze him out all along? If that wasn't the plan why did he see so few snaps?

Was moving positions simply another example of a smokescreen and Arthur Smith thinking he was outthinking the room? There are clearly far more questions than answers in a situation that is a sad end to what was a fun three years for Atlanta Falcons fans.

Cordarrelle Patterson should be remembered for his dynamic runs as well as his energetic interaction with the fans. His energy was contagious on and off the field and deserved to be utilized far better.

It is yet another frustration with the Arthur Smith era and something Atlanta and Patterson are both ready to turn the page on as the utility player looks for his next landing spot.