Atlanta Falcons clearly need a quarterback change after failing in London

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars / Justin Setterfield/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons lost in London to the Jacksonville Jaguars 23-7 in a game that never felt close. Your defense only gave up 13 points for the majority of the game with 3 points coming after a turnover on downs to end the game and 7 on a pick-six from Desmond Ridder. This game was never close despite your defense easily holding the team under twenty and the pass protection showing improvement from the past two weeks.

Atlanta's biggest issue was Desmond Ridder who turned the ball over three times and could have easily thrown three picks badly missing Mack Hollins on a play that could have turned the game. The story of this game continued to be Ridder's struggles and an Atlanta offense that can't make it to ten points for two straight weeks.

Arthur Smith made it clear at halftime that this isn't a team considering a quarterback change. Despite Smith's words how can any coach or football pundit come away from this game with any other thought than Atlanta needs to make a quarterback change?

Taylor Heinicke may not be anything close to a franchise quarterback but he has proven to be far better than Desmond and gives this team a better chance to win at this point in the season. With free agents and veteran trade options out there, the Falcons have to consider making a move as well if they aren't ready to put Heinicke in as the starter.

This game served as a perfect illustration of Ridder's shortcomings as well as the occasional flashes that give Falcons fans hope. Desmond got lucky in week one with Jessie Bates bailing the offense out and put together a nice surge in the second half of week two.

In the two weeks since, however, Ridder has continued to regress and lead defenders right to what Atlanta's offense is doing. Teams are simply sitting down on Atlanta's routes daring Ridder to attempt to beat them over the top.

Defenses don't respect Desmond Ridder and after what we watched from Mack Hollins and this offense it is fair to question whether his own teammates do or not. It is time for Arthur Smith to make a move and give this team and offense a better chance to win in week five after falling flat in London.