Atlanta Falcons continue defensive focus with 4th-round draft decision

NFL Combine
NFL Combine / Kevin Sabitus/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons continued to build out the defense after their first-round pick adding Brandon Dorlus to a stacked defensive line. Atlanta didn't seem to believe in any of the top edge prospects valuing a bench player in Michael Penix Jr. over the chance to build out their pass rush.

Instead, the team has opted to add to the defensive line in all three picks since adding the quarterback. Brandon Dorlus is the latest addition with the 4th round pick adding to an already stacked defensive line.

It is a great way to both build up the pass rush and take advantage of having Onyemata and Jarrett. Both established veterans the duo can help Atlanta's 2nd and 4th round selections make the adjustment to the next level.

Both picks could suggest as well that the Falcons don't expect Calais Campbell to return. For Dorlus, this is a perfect fit with a team built to help him take a step forward. Dorlus struggles when his intitial burst doesn't work and needs to improve his footwork and secondary moves. All of the concerns with Dorlus can be addressed by coaching and being in a defense with strong veterans in front of him.

What the last three picks in the draft for Atlanta tell us as well is a belief in their current options in the secondary. The Falcons' complete defensive focus has been on adding to the defensive line and edge rushers. While this could soon change it suggests a lot of belief that Dee Alford and Clark Phillips are both going to take that next step forward.

Brandon Dorlus is another much-needed win for a franchise that continues to deal with the fallout of signing Kirk Cousins to a $180-million dollar deal only to draft Michael Penix Jr. 8th overall.