Atlanta Falcons continue to ignore lack of depth at this position

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

It will be the third season for Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot with the Atlanta Falcons and the third season Atlanta has had zero depth at receiver. While Fontenot and Smith have greatly improved this roster adding talent and depth to almost every position if there is one complaint it is the duo continuing to ignore the receiver position.

Whether it was Matt Ryan forcing the ball to Tajae Sharpe or Marcus Mariota having zero starting receivers outside of Drake London this team has greatly struggled at the position. Drafting Drake London was a great first step but the team seemingly has forgotten there is more than one starting receiver.

Atlanta signed Mack Hollins after a career year and Tampa Bay castoff Scotty Miller but clearly neither is a sure starting option. Atlanta's depth options are even less proven and the team would benefit from adding at least one veteran.

It is worth noting that Kyle Pitts will now be healthy and the team did add Jonnu Smith, however, neither fixes the lack of depth at receiver. Why the Falcons continue to ignore the position is surprising considering the complete approach the team has taken with the rest of the roster.

While the Falcons' current roster is full the team does have obvious cuts they could make and the cap space to add at least 1-2 cheap veteran deals. Atlanta has three starting options at running back it would be nice to have two capable receivers. Hollins has given reason to believe the former Raider will be a great fit but if Atlanta encounters even one injury there isn't any depth at the position.

Adding to the receiver position should be the last move of Atlanta's off-season with a myriad of veteran upgrades in free agency or a possible reunion with Corey Davis both clear fixes for the Falcons.