Atlanta Falcons could help solve the New York Jets quarterback issues

Aaron Rodgers was the story of week one in the NFL with the veteran suffering a season ending injury in only four snaps
Aug 18, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) passes against
Aug 18, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons quarterback Taylor Heinicke (4) passes against / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The Atlanta Falcons week one win did little to solidify Desmond Ridder as a long-term option, however, it is clear the team fully believes in Ridder. This opens up the door for the team to help solve the issues at quarterback the New York Jets now have.

Watching Aaron Rodgers tear his Achilles on Monday night has been the story of week one for a team that had gathered so many headlines through the preseason. The loss of Rodgers cannot be understated and barring New York talking Tom Brady out of retirement a comparable option simply isn't out there right now.

Joe Flacco, Carson Wentz, and Colt McCoy appear to be the top options in free agency for the Jets with trade targets unknown. Matthew Stafford is one name that could come up later in the season if the Rams are the team they are believed to be despite an impressive week one win.

One short-term fix for the Jets could be a trade with the Atlanta Falcons for current backup Taylor Heinicke. Heinicke has plenty of starting experience with Washington and never had close to the talent that he would be given on the Jets.

This would be a short-term fix but is a clear upgrade over Wilson and gives the Jets a prayer of hanging in the wildcard race. We saw last season that this team simply needs average quarterback play to have a chance to be a playoff team, Wilson simply isn't the guy.

It took a punt return and the defense forcing three Josh Allen picks to have a chance to win in week one. This isn't a maintainable way to win with Heinicke New York would have a quarterback who is going to play his role and give you a chance consistently.

The downside of this for Atlanta is the obvious loss of depth if Ridder struggles or is injured. However, it is clear that the Atlanta season is sink or swim with Desmond Ridder. If that is the case Atlanta should gain a draft pick and give Taylor Heinicke the chance to go play for a team that clearly is now in desperation mode.