Atlanta Falcons: Desmond Ridder moving on from jersey #4 after 4 games

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Desmond Ridder, who finished the final four weeks of the Atlanta Falcons season as the starting quarterback, was repping number four behind center. It seemed like we would be getting used to referring to our QB as #4.

However, you will now have to refer to him using a different number following the announcement that he will be moving on from the #4 as he hopes to start a new era of football for the Atlanta Falcons.

Atlanta Falcons QB Desmond Ridder announces that he will now wear #9

Jersey numbers are something that intrigues most fans. With it being the main factor that helps you distinguish 22 grown men lining up in pads from head to toe, it is something most people pay attention to. In other words, it is interesting news that the Atlanta Falcons' presumptive starting quarterback Desmond Ridder will be making the switch from #4 to #9.

The announcement was made by the Atlanta Falcons on Tuesday afternoon:

As with any random jersey number switch, this comes to the ire of a lot of fans who have already bought Ridder's jersey that sports number four. Who knows, maybe someday when Ridder has won ten Super Bowls and five MVPs, his original-numbered jersey might be worth something.

Nine is the number he wore at the University of Cincinnati where he brought unforeseen success. He ended his college career with the third-most wins of any college quarterback ever. He had a stunning record of 44-6 with the Bearcats.

The reason for Ridder not originally wearing this number was that he didn't want to pay Lorenzo Carter who already chose the number. So, apparently, Lorenzo Carter—who re-signed on a two-year deal—will be looking for a new number. As of right now, Carter is still listed as #9 on the official team website.

We will now be seeing our starting quarterback wear #9 after we grew accustomed to seeing #2 out there, followed by #1, and then #4. Hopefully, #9 will be the number behind center for the next decade.


The Atlanta Falcons announced that Lorenzo Carter will now be the first player to wear zero, which explains why Ridder was able to make the change to nine.

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