Atlanta Falcons: DO NOT believe the Cordarrelle Patterson trade "rumors"

There have been all sorts of "rumors" about the Atlanta Falcons trading Cordarrelle Patterson but they should NOT be believed
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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There are those Twitter accounts (you know which ones I am talking about) that take 1,000 shots knowing that they will hit on one. After that, they use it as "proof" that they have "sources" within the game.

Some of those accounts are saying that the Atlanta Falcons are interested in trading running back Cordarrelle Patterson, which is just stupid. Patterson is not getting traded.

The Atlanta Falcons are not trading Cordarrelle Patterson, simple as that

If there is one thing that gets my blood boiling, it is those people who either don't understand the dynamic of a team and continually try to push these narratives that make no sense, or those who just outright lie.

Ever since the Atlanta Falcons drafted Bijan Robinson, it has been an obsession for outlets to say that Cordarrelle Patterson should/could be traded. Those who say that do not know this team and how they are built.

To put it plainly, Arthur Smith needs Bijan Robinson, Tyler Allgeier, AND Cordarrelle Patterson. Yes, they all play running back but they all play running back in different ways for this offense.

Obviously, Patterson is one of the most versatile players in the league; he can play running back and wide receiver. The Falcons don't have great options outside of Drake London and Mack Hollins at receiver which makes CP essential to this offense. He is going to do a lot for this offense.

Then there is the special teams factor. The Falcons do not have Avery Williams to take over at kick returner for Patterson. The special teams unit needs Patterson.

I know that I cannot stop these fake reports and stuff but I can ask you to stop giving them attention because they don't deserve it.

If you know the dynamic of this team then you know that Cordarrelle Patterson—even with two other elite running backs on the roster—is important to this team.

And finally, Cordarrelle Patterson loves Atlanta and Arthur Smith, and Arthur Smith loves Patterson. There is also the fact that CP is injured which means his trade value wouldn't be as high as it could be—it would make zero sense for the Falcons to trade him.