Atlanta Falcons "dream" in the 2023 NFL Draft revealed by ESPN

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Smokescreen or fact? None of us know but the most recent rumor surrounding the Atlanta Falcons draft plans tells us they are looking at a position that you might not expect. It is, according to ESPN, their "dream scenario."

The dream is one that isn't too surprising considering it is the same dream that many other teams certainly have. I wouldn't even call this a dream, it is more of a fantasy.

ESPN reveals what the Atlanta Falcons are hoping for in the 2023 NFL Draft

The Atlanta Falcons have kept their plans relatively quiet. There haven't been many "reports" about what the team that currently holds the eighth-overall pick will do with their selection. They have addressed a lot of needs in free agency which has opened up a lot of potential avenues.

Matt Miller of ESPN has heard from sources close to the team that the Falcons' dream would be to land one of the top two quarterbacks (ESPN+ subscription required). Miller then states that he would assume that to be C.J. Stroud and Bryce Young.

First of all, that is a blanket statement to say that you want one of the two top quarterbacks in the draft. Second of all, it is kind of an obvious statement because there are a lot of teams out there that would love to have one of the top two QBs in the draft. And, finally, if it is indeed Stroud and Young—which is almost undoubtedly the case—then good luck trying to get either of them because they are both going to be gone by pick three. And neither the Panthers nor the Texans will be too eager to trade their picks away either.

The article by ESPN also states that they believe in Desmond Ridder, which isn't surprising. All the decision-makers within the organization have publicly stated their belief in the young quarterback this offseason. Even after this rumor, I still fully expect to see Ridder's name atop the depth chart come September.

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