4 dream scenarios for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023

Could the Falcons surprise us in 2023?

Atlanta Falcons, Bijan Robinson
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3. Desmond Ridder proves he's the guy

Staying on the offensive side of things and going off of that previous point of the offense doing its part, that means Desmond Ridder has to step up and make big strides in his first full season starting. The former third-round pick has all you want in a leader and winning quarterback, but he's got to put it together in terms of the physical tools.

Keeping the offense run-heavy is going to benefit a young quarterback like Ridder, which is why Robinson was such a smart pick in the first round this year.

For a rookie making just four starts last year, Ridder performed as well as you could have asked. He completed over 63 percent of his passes, didn't throw a single interception on 115 attempts and turned it over twice, both via fumble.

In year two, it's Robinson who will be the difference maker. With defenses focused on his running ability, hopefully it opens things up for guys like Drake London and Kyle Pitts as the top two targets in the passing game. If the run game stays consistent, then London and Pitts should help Ridder take some big steps in his second season.