Atlanta Falcons: Early prediction for 2024's starting offense

Early stab at the starting unit for what will be another talented Atlanta Falcons offense... on paper

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Atlanta Falcons starting pass catchers

  • WR: Drake London
  • WR: Troy Franklin (Draft)
  • SWR: Tyler Boyd (Free agency)
  • TE: Kyle Pitts

Outside of Drake London, the Falcons have no receivers. They will address this position heavily in free agency and the draft so expect to see a whole new host of players.

Oregon receiver Troy Franklin gives this team a deep burner that they don't have. Pairing his speed and size with the size and physicality of Drake London would give this team a high-upside one-two punch on the outside.

Throw in veteran slot receiver Tyler Boyd and you have a nice trio of receivers with the versatile Kyle Pitts at tight end.