Atlanta Falcons facing clear problems searching for next quarterback

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The Atlanta Falcons priority this offseason is obvious in the quarterback position. Raheem Morris has already made it known that he realizes with capable quarterback play in the 2023 season he is unlikely to be the head coach in Atlanta.

Atlanta's problem is now clear as they sit just inside the top ten draft picks. There are a myriad of teams in front of them with reasons to consider either drafting a quarterback or trading up in a position to do so. It is going to be close to impossible for the Falcons to move into position to draft a franchise quarterback without spending the future they need to build a capable team around said quarterback.

This leaves the Falcons in the position of hoping to find a surprise franchise quarterback in the draft or chasing a veteran. You have Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield who both come with clear price concerns or Russell Wilson whose numbers are far better than his level of play.

No matter what direction the Falcons choose there are clear concerns in attempting to find their next franchise quarterback.

Justin Fields is going to be a popular fit based on his abilities as a runner and clear ties to Georgia. However, the fact remains that he is yet to have one great season as a passer. While many will point to the Bears losing organization it isn't as if Fields hasn't had plenty of time.

Quarterbacks wins shouldn't be counted against the young quarterback but his poor decisions and lack of ability to pass the ball consistently should. Look at Joe Burrow, C.J. Stroud, or Lamar Jackson. All three quarterbacks stepped in for franchises that were heading in the wrong direction.

All three found a way to give their team a chance almost every week. Stroud and Burrow stand out in particular due to the similarities to the Bears' losing culture. With all that said, Justin Fields still has an argument as Atlanta's best choice at quarterback. This speaks to the complete lack of clear direction at the position and the concerns with each option.

Raheem Morris and Terry Fontenot are likely to be defined by their decision at quarterback this offseason. One that the harder you look the murkier it becomes, no question Atlanta's perfect answer at the most important position on the field simply isn't there.