Atlanta Falcons facing one obvious question headed into week two

Sep 10, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith reacts to a call during
Sep 10, 2023; Atlanta, Georgia, USA; Atlanta Falcons head coach Arthur Smith reacts to a call during / Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Heading into week two the biggest concern for the Atlanta Falcons remains Desmond Ridder and a non-existent passing attack from week one. There are several factors that go into why Atlanta used the air attack so little in their 24-10 win over the Panthers.

Pass protection and play calling are the main culprits and must change heading into week two. Yes, we know that Ridder doesn't care about stats and all Arthur Smith wants to do is win. These are both great and obvious traits but ignores the problem of why so many pundits and fans are questioning the Falcons despite the week one win.

Against the Panthers and in the final four weeks of the season last year Ridder was asked to do very little in the passing game. Arthur Smith was clearly protecting his quarterback and calling an extremely conservative game.

It was as if Atlanta was playing a third-string quarterback they simply didn't want to crash the car and not the franchise quarterback they believe Desmond to be. If you're going to build your entire 2023 season around the quarterback not only are going to have to call more plays for him on a developmental level but to give you a chance to win as well.

Despite the ease of Atlanta's schedule, this is a passing league that is quickly going to force Desmond to prove he can make the throw he did to Kyle Pitts on Sunday consistently. If you're the Packers or the Lions the next two weeks why bother playing Atlanta's passing game?

Test this offensive line by bringing run blitzes and consistently packing the box and daring Atlanta to put the ball in the air and sustain a drive. Perhaps Ridder and Smith will make the adjustments and do just that.

But acting as if Sunday's game is good enough moving forward because you won ignores the nature of this league and the reason that you won. Desmond Ridder and this passing game remain the biggest concern and question mark for Atlanta.