Atlanta Falcons: Feleipe Franks trending towards Tim Tebow rather than Logan Thomas

Feleipe Franks made the switch from quarterback to tight end last year for the Atlanta Falcons and seems like his fate will end up like Tim Tebow rather than Logan Thomas
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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It isn't too uncommon to see a quarterback convert to tight end or wide receiver in the NFL. It is a much different beast playing QB in the NFL and many of these players are better athletes than they are passers which entices teams, teams like the Atlanta Falcons, to switch them to a pass-catching position.

That was the situation Feleipe Franks found himself in last year as he switched from QB to TE for the Falcons and it certainly has not gone well.

Feleipe Franks looking more like Tim Tebow rather than Logan Thomas for the Atlanta Falcons

It was difficult not to get excited last year when news came out that the Atlanta Falcons had moved QB Feleipe Franks to the tight end position. Franks has an excellent athletic profile with his six-foot-six, 235-pound frame and 4.61 forty-yard dash which would perceivably make him a huge mismatch to opposing defenses.

However, that ended up being anything but the case. Franks looked lost out on the football field. He failed to haul in a single pass, committed a bad penalty, and had an ugly read-option play when he lined back up at QB.

Many have been asking why he is still on the roster, which is certainly a great question. Is banking on his athletic traits really worth a roster spot?

There are two notable players who made the switch from QB to TE recently and they went in completely opposite directions. Those players are Tim Tebow and Logan Thomas.

Logan Thomas was drafted as a quarterback in the fourth round of the 2014 NFL Draft. Thomas was released a year later and spent time with the Dolphins and Giants before joining the Lions as a converted tight end. Four years later with the Commanders, Thomas had an excellent season with 72 catches and 670 yards, and six touchdowns.

Since then he has struggled with injuries, nevertheless, he has shown that he can be a really good player in this league at a position he wasn't drafted to play.

As for Tim Tebow, the Jaguars and Urban Meyer converted the former Florida star to tight end and it went about as bad as everyone was expecting. He did not even make it out of the preseason before being released.

The trajectory that Feleipe Franks seems to be on is obvious. While he has already made it further at the tight end position than Tebow ever did, it seems like he will end up being closer to Tebow than Thomas.

Even with Logan Thomas, it took him four years to make a big impact. Franks certainly won't have that long of a leash which basically cements his future as being a failed project. I hope I am wrong but facts are facts; Feleipe Franks is trending towards being Tim Tebow rather than Logan Thomas.