Atlanta Falcons find fitting ranking in NFC South history

Super Bowl LI - New England Patriots v Atlanta Falcons
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3. Carolina Panthers- 5 Division titles

Atlanta Falcons fans aren't going to feel sorry for their division rival but can relate to Carolina's recent pain. The last time Carolina made the playoffs was the 2017 season marking the start of a drought for both franchises. Carolina last won the NFC South in the 2015 season in Cam Newton's career year. It was an impressive season that included a blowout of the Cardinals and an impressive win against the Legion of Boom and prime Russell Wilson.

Of their five titles only two were won without Cam Newton under center. Those seasons of Cam are what gives this team a chance to be relevant in the conversation. In the time since Newton left the franchise the front office seems to make the opposite decision of what they should. Whether it is chasing the wrong quarterbacks or jettisoning star players it is a poorly run team that isn't going to be a contender in the immediate future.

It is interesting to consider what the history of the NFC South might be without Newton. His unique skillset and ability to carry this team put the Panthers in the conversation during a time in which Drew Brees and Matt Ryan should have been in the prime of their careers.

Without question, it was the most talented time in the short history of this division.