Atlanta Falcons fumbling draft day trade shouldn't come as a surprise

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The Atlanta Falcons' entire draft process has caught a lot of criticism over the offseason. Signing Kirk Cousins and drafting Michael Penix Jr. is well-covered territory. However, don't expect the heat to lessen anytime soon with this week's realization of Terry Fontenot and company fumbling a draft-day trade.

Chicago was nervous the Falcons would take Rome Odunze, a target the franchise wanted to add alongside new quarterback Caleb Williams. The Bears offered the Falcons a future 4th round pick for the chance to move up one spot.

Atlanta Falcons front office continues to give fans reason for distrust after draft day misstep

Atlanta turned down the deal and drafted quarterback Michael Penix Jr. ignoring all logic. Penix wasn't a highly sought-after prospect considering he was the 4th player at his position to come off the board. The idea that Chicago would trade up one spot simply to turn around and deal the pick to another team searching for a quarterback is ridiculous.

It is operating under the assumption the Bears' front office would make what would be considered a "dirty move" by those on the inside. Or it simply chooses to ignore the potential value of a future 4th round pick.

One that has a bit more interest now that you have lost a future 5th-round selection due to tampering. This news is simply further confirmation that there is reason for unease about Atlanta's decision-making. A front office that has put their full belief behind Marcus Mariota and Desmond Ridder in consecutive seasons does have reason to be questioned.

It doesn't help that these decisions were book-ended by pushing Matt Ryan out the backdoor and adding Penix and Cousins in the same offseason.

Whether it is the quarterback management or the lack of urgency at edge rusher or receiver there is a reason for concern. Just as Fontenot has shown an impressive ability to navigate the cap and find surprise bargain deals, he has shown a tendency to ignore the obvious.

The positives are there but don't outweigh the concerns and continual lack of interest in adding to key positions. No question, Atlanta's front office is making it incredibly easy for their critics with an offseason filled with possible missteps.